Integrated report 2021

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GRI Indicators
  • 102-55

Index Global Compact principles Place in the report
Profile disclosures
GRI 102-1 Name of the organisation
GRI 102-2 Activities, brands, products and services
GRI 102-3 Location of headquarters Poland, Warsaw
GRI 102-4 Location of operations PGE Group operates mainly in Poland
GRI 102-5 The form of ownership and the legal structure of the organization
GRI 102-6 Markets served
GRI 102-7 Scale of the organisation
GRI 102-8 Information on employees and other workers GC-6
GRI 102-9 Supply chain description
GRI 102-10 Significant changes to the organization and its supply chain
GRI 102-11 Risk management in the organization
GRI 102-12 Economic, environmental and social declarations, principles and other external initiatives adopted or supported by the organization GC-1
GRI 102-13 Membership in associations and organizations
GRI 102-14 Statement from senior decision maker GC-7
GRI 102-15 Key impacts, risks, and opportunities
GRI 102-16 Values, principles, standards and norms of behaviour such as a code of conduct or a code of ethics GC-10
GRI 102-17 Mechanisms for advice and concerns about ethics and legal issues and matters related to the integrity of the organization
GRI 102-18 The governance structure of the organization, including committees reporting to the highest governance body
GRI 102-22 Composition of the highest governance body and its committees
GRI 102-23 Chair of the highest governance body
GRI 102-24 Nominating and selecting the highest governance body
GRI 102-25 Conflicts of interest
GRI 102-32 Highest governance body’s role in sustainability reporting
GRI 102-40 List of stakeholder groups
GRI 102-41 Collective bargaining agreements GC-3
GRI 102-43 Approach to stakeholder engagement including frequency of engagement by type and stakeholder group
GRI 102-44 Key topics and concerns raised by stakeholders in stakeholder engagement processes
GRI 102-45 Entities included in the consolidated financial statements with the distinction of main departments, subsidiaries and related entities and joint-ventures
GRI 102-46 Defining report content
GRI 102-47 List of material topics
GRI 102-48 Restatements of information
GRI 102-49 Changes in reporting
GRI 102-50 Reporting period 1.01.2021 – 31.12.2021
GRI 102-51 Date of most recent report March 2021
(non-financial report for 2020)
GRI 102-50 Reporting cycle annual
GRI 102-51 Date of most recent report 2021
GRI 102-52 Reporting cycle annual

GRI 102-53 Contact
GRI 102-54 Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards
GRI 102-55 GRI content index
Important topics identified by key stakeholders during PGE dialogue sessions
103 Management approach – Strategy and implementation
Own indicator Implementation of the strategy
103 (419) Management approach – Preventing non-compliance with laws and regulations (including those relating to the supply and use of products and services)  
GRI 419-1 Non-compliance with laws and regulations in the social and economic area   There were no significant penalties or sanctions during the reporting period (2021)
103 (305) Management approach – Greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them  
GRI 305-1 Direct greenhouse gas emissions  
GRI 305-2 Energy indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions  
GRI 305-3 Other indirect (Scope 3) GHG emissions  
103 Management approach – The company’s impact on the climate and actions to prevent climate change  
Own indicator Climate awareness  
GRI 201-2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities due to climate change  
103 Management approach – Consumption and ways to reduce energy consumption  
GRI 301-3 Materials used by weight or volume  
103 Management approach – Compliance with environmental regulations, prevention of abuse, violation of environmental laws and regulations  
GRI 307-1 Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations GC-8
103 Management approach – Consumption and ways to reduce water use
GRI 303-1
Interactions with water as a shared resource GC-8
GRI 303-2
Water management GC-8
GRI 303-3
Water withdrawal by source  
GRI 303-5 Water consumption  
103 Management approach – Waste minimization and recycling  
GRI 306-1 (2020) Waste generation and significant waste-related impacts  
GRI 306-2 Management of significant waste-related impacts  
GRI 306-3 Total weight of waste by type of waste and disposal method  
Economic performance
GRI 201-1 Direct economic value, generated and distributed
GRI 203-1 Contribution to the development of infrastructure and the provision of services to society through commercial activities, the transfer of goods and pro bono activities
Anti-corruption issues
GRI 205-1 Total number and percentage of business units analyzed for risks related to corruption GC-10
GRI 205-2 Communication and training about anti-corruption policies and procedures GC-10
GRI 205-3 Confirmed cases of corruption
and actions taken in response to them
GC-10 0 cases
Environmental issues
Approach to the natural environment GC-7
GRI 302-1 Reclaimed products
GRI 303-4
Total volume of wastewater by quality and destination
GRI 304-1 Operational sites owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas GC-8
GRI 304-2 Significant impact of activities, products and services on biodiversity
GRI 304-4 IUCN Red List species and national conservation list species with habitats in areas affected by operations
GRI 305-7 Emission of NOx, SO2 and other significant compounds emitted to the air
GRI 306-4 Waste diverted from disposal
GRI 306-5 Waste directed to disposal
Application and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies. GC-9
GRI 308-1 New suppliers that have been verified using environmental criteria
GRI -EU5 Allocation of carbon dioxide emission allowances or its equivalent according to the division into emission trading systems
Employee issues
Human rights GC-2
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining GC-3
GRI 401-1 The total number of newly hired employees, departures, and the rate of hiring and fluctuation of employees by age group, gender, broken down by company GC-6
GRI 401-2 Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees, by major operating units
GRI 403-1
Occupational health and safety management system
GRI 403-2
Hazard identification, risk assessment and accident investigation
GRI 403-3
Occupational health and safety services
GRI 403-4
Employee participation, consultation and communication on occupational health and safety
GRI 403-5
Employee training in occupational health and safety
GRI 403-6
Health promotion programmes for employees
GRI 403-7
Prevention and mitigation of impacts on health and safety in the workplace
GRI 403-9
Type and rate of work-related injuries by gender
GRI 404-1 Average hours of training per year per employee by employment category and gender UNGC-6
GRI 404-2 Programmes for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programmes, which support the continuity of employment of employees and facilitate the management of the end of their professional career
GRI 404-3 The percentage of employees undergoing regular work performance assessments and career development reviews broken down by gender UNGC-6
GRI 405-1 Composition of management, supervisory and employee bodies by gender, age, minority membership and other diversity indicators UNGC-6
GRI -EU15 Percentage of employees who will become entitled to retire in 5 and 10 years, broken down by type of work
Human rights issues
GRI 406-1 Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken in 2021 UNGC-2
GRI 408-1 Operations and suppliers where child labor may occur This is forbidden by PGE Group regulations
GRI 409-1 Operations and suppliers among which cases of forced labor may occur This is forbidden by PGE Group regulations
GRI 412-2 Total number of employee training hours on human rights policies and percentage of employees trained UNGC-2
Social issues
GRI 414-1 Percentage of new suppliers that have been assessed according to social criteria 100%
GRI 418-1 Total number of legitimate complaints about breach of customer privacy and data loss
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