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Direction: climate neutrality

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Changes in the environment and, most importantly, societal expectations define the vision for the energy sector. PGE is the leader of the transition and modernisation of the energy sector in Poland and supports the development of a market environment conducive to the energy transition. A socially equitable decarbonisation with the target of achieving climate neutrality in 2050 is the basis for our actions.

Decarbonisation roadmap

We have announced climate neutrality by 2050 as a target. We will achieve sustainable decarbonisation by changing generation technologies, expanding renewable capacity and enabling customers to participate in the energy transition through attractive product offerings.

Strategic objectives en route to zero emissions

Energy and economic security

A systematic increase in the share of renewable capacities and diversification of the fuels used is at the same time a way to increase Poland’s energy security through independence from fossil fuels and the costs of CO2 emissions burdening the bills of Polish households and businesses.

An active investment process being pursued by PGE, with the simultaneous operation of the conventional base of the power system in the new ownership structure with the dominant role of the State Treasury, is a guarantee of uninterrupted electricity and heat supply. In this way, the energy transition will be implemented in a socially responsible manner and will aim to ensure the lowest possible costs for energy users in Poland.

Climate neutrality as a development opportunity

Changes in the environment are not only a threat and a challenge for the sector but also an opportunity to provide an investment stimulus for the economy through the construction of new generating sources and the modernisation of energy infrastructure. The transition of the energy sector should translate into economic development, sustainable growth for companies and cities as well as an equitable transition of regions hitherto associated with coal mining.

It is also an opportunity to build a new business profile and create lasting value for PGE Group in both economic and social terms.

Strategy #PGE2050: Climate neutrality in 2050

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