Integrated report 2021

16. CO2 emission allowances for captive use


CO2 emission allowances for captive use

Carbon dioxide emission allowances intended for captive use by generating units are recognised under a separate line in the statement of financial position. EUAs received free of charge are presented in the statement of financial position at nominal value, i.e. at zero. Purchased EUAs are recognised at purchase price. Outgoing CO2 allowances purchased for own use are valued using the specific identification method.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 8 April 2014 on the list of electricity generating installations covered by the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading scheme, installations belonging to PGE Group are not entitled to the allocation of free emission allowances from 2020. Only EUAs for CO2 emissions related to the production of heat (1 million EUAs) will be allocated.

EUA At December 31, 2021 At December 31, 2020
Non-current Current Non-current Current
Quantity (Mg million) 2 41 1 20
Value (PLN million) 797 4,106 39 1,735

EUA Quantity (Mg million) Value (PLN million)
AT JANUARY 1, 2020 21 1,205
Purchase/sale 48 3,983
Granted free of charge 13
Redemption (61) (3,414)
AT DECEMBER 31, 2020 21 1,774
Purchase/sale 80 9,447
Granted free of charge 1
Redemption (59) (6,318)
AT DECEMBER 31, 2021 43 4,903
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