Integrated report 2021

20.6 Equity attributable to non-controlling interests

As at December 31, 2021, equity attributable to non-controlling interests related mainly to the non-controlling interests in ZEW Kogeneracja S.A. and EC Zielona Góra S.A.

The table below presents changes in non-controlling interests in the reporting periods.

As at
December 31, 2021
As at
December 31, 2020
AS AT JANUARY 1 983 848
Share of net profit of subsidiaries (27) 38
Share of actuarial profit and losses 2
Dividends declared by subsidiaries (2) (3)
Sale of subsidiaries (155)
Share capital increase and share purchase 114
Acquisition of non-controlling interests by the Group (4) (14)
AS AT DECEMBER 31 797 983

Of the total equity attributable to non-controlling interests, 85% is the equity of Kogeneracja S.A. Summarised information on this subsidiary is presented below.

ZEW Kogeneracja S.A.
AT DECEMBER 31, 2021*
Current assets 662
Non-current assets 1,692
Current liabilities 564
Non-current liabilities 212
Equity 1,578
Revenue 931
Result on continuing operations 12
Approved dividends
*Data differs from statutory data due to consolidation procedures
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